PLEASE TELL GOVERNOR CUOMO TO BE OUR HERO and include funding to SAVE OUR SCHOOLS in his budget amendments!

Governor Cuomo failed to include funding to raise teachers' salaries so that schools can attract and retain the certified teachers that children with disabilities deserve, in his initial budget proposal.


BUT, the Governor has another chance to be a hero to all of the children we serve and their families.


The Governor and his staff are well aware of the gaping difference between what teachers are paid in school districts and what our schools are able to pay after years of zero tuition growth. They have given a 31% increase to school districts during the same time that they have given a 12% increase to our 853 school-age programs and a 4% increase to our 4410 preschools. It's not hard to imagine why services for the kids with the greatest need are in jeopardy!


Everyone needs to CALL OR WRITE the Governor, your Senator, and your Assemblymember

and tell them:
Saving our schools requires a NEW $18 million in State funds in the Governor’s 30-day amendments to take the first step towards lessening the gap between salaries that school districts pay and what our schools can pay their teachers.


Act NOW or it will be too late!  The Governor’s Budget 21-day amendments are due on February 7th and his 30-day amendments are due on  February 16th!

“I am calling on behalf of the Approved 853 and 4410 Schools for school-age children and preschoolers with disabilities.    Governor Cuomo MUST provide $18 million in his budget amendments to increase teacher’s salaries which are a fraction of what teachers are paid by school districts! This funding is critical to enable these schools to attract and retain teachers and therefore, the State's ability to provide a Free and Appropriate Public Education to children with developmental disabilities.  Without teachers, we can not give our children the education they deserve and the State will be in violation of the federal IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.” 

  1. Governor (518) 474 -1041 and press 2 to speak to an assistant.  If you get no response, you can then press 1 to leave a voice mail. 
  2. Senate switchboard – (518) 455 – 2800 – and ask for your Senator.  You can find your Senator at
The New York State Senate is designed to increase public participation in the legislative process.
      3.  Urge your Senator to Call the Governor and tell him or her to stand up for our children and fund the $18 million . 

      4.  Assembly switchboard (518) 455-4100 – and ask for yourAssemblymember.  You can find your Assemblymember at

New York State Assembly Home

     5.  Urge your Assemblymember to Call the Governor and tell him or her to stand up for our children and fund the $18 million . 


OR To Write Letters:  
Send letters to the Governor at:
The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224